Dr. Mehran Ghoreishi, MD

Dr. Mehran Ghoreishi has been practicing in cosmetic medicine for more than a decade after discovering his passion for medical cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Ghoreishi trained in numerous laser and energy-based therapies to develop a proficiency in the most advanced skin care and body sculpting techniques available.

Dr. Ghoreishi’s goal is to help patients achieve a healthier, natural looking happier life, with the most advanced medical non surgical aesthetic techniques.

An advocate of natural looking, non surgical aesthetic enhancement, he utilizes a comprehensive selection of cosmetic treatments to create individualized treatment plans tailored to suit the unique goals of each patient.

In helping patients achieve healthier, happier lives, Dr. Ghoreishi has developed a special interest in the unique challenges and rewarding experiences that come with cosmetic and general dermatologic care.  Dr. Ghoreishi believes that, in addition to safety and efficacy, the patient experience should always be one of the highest priorities, and he strives to provide exceptional results with a personal touch for every individual.  An advocate of continued education, Dr. Ghoreishi is currently pursuing board certification in aesthetic medicine to help ensure patients receive the utmost care in every treatment.