Fatemeh Taslimi, R.Ac.

Fatemeh Taslimi is a Medical Doctor with a degree in Pediatrics from Tehran University, Iran and she has practiced as a General Practitioner for two years and worked 13 years as a Pediatrician.  She has always been very interested and passionate about using Holistic medicine, and integrating that with Western medicine.  After moving to Canada, she decided to follow her dreams and studied Acupuncture at ICTCM and got certified as a Registered Acupuncturist.

When treating her patients, she integrates her knowledge of Western medicine with a wide range of Acupuncture modalities including:

– Electroacupuncture
– Cupping therapy
– Moxibustion
– Acupressure
– Auriculotherapy
– Low frequency pulse therapy on acupoints, as well as manual needling.

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